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Kidding Around 2 - Mum & Bubs
澳客風 2 - 蒔現

空間坪數|33坪 ,100m2

空間格局| 3臥房, 客廳,餐廳,廚房,2衛浴








The home owners yearned for the lifestyle in the southern hemisphere and interior design coexists with nature. Hence the design team implemented this philosophy in the practice of this case. The setting of several scenes, especially the Australian life philosophy "laid-back, open and fun” have become the core of the design of this case. Entering the apartment, the public area was on the right, whilst the three bedrooms and bathrooms were on the left hidden behind the plywood veneer panels. Each space shared the same design materials in different proportion, such as warm plywood veneer in contrast with the black OSB textured panels. Those materials together with stones and black metals created a sense of order and harmony.


Referring the structural beams as the boundary, the air-conditioning services and light fittings created a sense of order and harmony, which reasonably differentiate the dining room, reading corner and living room respectively. Moreover the relaxed plywood veneer paired with the contrasting black OSB board, together with the black floor tiles boarder formed a framed view that intended to draw the attention to the outdoor nature. The floor finishes of the public areas were made of seamless materials, and the changes of nature light and shadow created pattern on the ground, which had its own unique appearance at different times.


Moving through the dining room to the living room, there was a reading corner just before entering the living room, a plywood bookcase was designed to hold children books , whiles the adjacent TV cabinet with multiple heights could be used as seating or kids play surface.

Stepping into the sleeping area, the material and color palate extended the sense of leisure of the plywood and mineral wall covering. The only difference was that the ceiling was added with a curve with diffuse lighting, making the bedroom soft and fully relaxing.


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