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Bachelor Pad 十里洋房

空間坪數|13坪 ,42m2

空間格局 |1臥房,1書房,客廳,餐廳,廚房,1衛浴





The male owner, the first-time home buyer, and he bought a 10 years old apartment near his work, which has a ceiling height of 3.7m apartment. Although it is a small square, the space is also very tall. The room type is relatively long and narrow, with only one-sided daylighting from the street side.


The key point in a small space aim to have the penetration of the light and the extension of the space. The design team reconfigs of the staircase also raise the floor to refrains the staircase intruding into the entry corridor. The new staircase presents a masculine and rugged style while creating a sense of transparency. The first step of stair riser is made of stone extension as the base of the TV cabinet, and it can also be used as a platform for seating and platform for equipment. The TV is mounted to a the custom-made iron revolving column, which can be rotated to face the dining area and living room.


Going up the stairs is a mezzanine floor, which provides the bedroom space for the owner. A low bookcase at the bottom with bi-folding window system on top, not only has the function as a protection from falling, but also provides the privacy screen form common area.


The kitchen unit occupied a big volume in the space, as it is close to the entrance area which is less exposed to light, the more lively large tiles are specially used for the kitchen façade to brighten the entrance space, and the stainless steel plate is used to frame the scenery and integrate the kitchen utensils. The metal texture creates a unique and self-characteristic. The atmosphere.


One step down from the living room is the dining area, which is lit by daylight. It continues the framing technique from kitchen stainless steel. The dark frames are used to cover the windows and integrate with the couch.

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