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Refined Modern Luxe


空間坪數|15坪 ,49.5m2

空間格局 |2臥房,客廳,廚房,1.5衛浴












This apartment is located in a prime area and serves as a cozy residence for its owners, who work in the financial industry. The owners have a strong affinity for French style, which has been incorporated into every design detail to create an elegant yet practical living space.

During the design phase, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted innovative changes to the space. The original single bathroom provided by the developer was transformed into a one-and-a-half bathroom layout, with the addition of a second toilet, significantly enhancing daily convenience. To prioritize hygiene, the sink was cleverly relocated near the hallway for easy handwashing upon entering the home. In terms of materials and style, the designer used subway tiles paired with black hardware to create a bathroom space with distinctive character.

Upon entering the apartment, a concealed walk-in storage room follows the French paneling style. This storage area accommodates a large number of items and shoes, turning every entry and exit into a delightful experience.

The living room serves as the focal point of French charm in the apartment. Here, the designer incorporated plenty of green elements, from the floating TV cabinet to the stone selection for the peninsula-shaped light dining area, as well as unique artworks and a leisurely ceiling fan, all exuding an elegant and fresh ambiance.

One of the owners is passionate about collecting paintings and artworks, which are cleverly displayed in both the living room and private areas, becoming striking focal points in the space. These artworks not only enrich the visual appeal but also showcase the owners' taste and cultural refinement.

The bedroom continues the theme with the owners' favorite green elements. A compact desk by the window and open shelving make it an ideal place for both work and relaxation.

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