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Sense of Permanence 胡桃鉗 - 公主保護令

空間坪數|36坪 ,119m2

空間格局 |2臥房 , 1更衣室 ,客廳,餐廳,廚房,2衛浴,輕食區








When this 119-square-metre apartment was handed over by the builder, it was an empty shell with bare steel and concrete structure. It was originally catered for a typical two-bedroom, two-bathroom layout. The public domain window was facing the mountain view and enjoyed excellent natural lighting. However, the location of the original kitchen ductwork was hidden around a corner near the back balcony. So the first priority is to relocate the kitchen to fit with the owner’s love for free-flowing family entertaining, while also allowing for soft, natural lighting to permeate the interiors.  Whilst open kitchen design makes the space brighter and more comfortable, and the sight penetrates, the female owner who needs to take care of the child for a long time can walk around the kitchen area with ease.

The female and male owner had different preferences for the interior design style, the female owner liked French elegant classic style while the male owner preferred the touch of rustic industrial characters, hence it was a challenge to mix both styles that can be coordinated with each other. Raw steel beans and concrete slabs were paired with smoked timber veneer, stone slab, custom joinery were selected in neutral tones, with pops of  color introduced through textile and furniture. The neutral tones were inspired by female owner’s love for the milk-tea color, which were used as base color from the kitchen joinery through to the storage cabinet behind the dining area.

As the owners had two small kids so it was important to provide a safe interior space that encouraged the kids to run around the public area with less sharp corners. The TV cabinet was curved out from the entry wall with a curved ceiling in turn echo the joinery below, while the timber floor helped to add warmth and slip resistance for kids’ bare foot. Along the main promenade down to the dining area, the white painted timber cladding panel functioned as a type of camouflages, especially guest bathroom door is made of the same panel so it seemed hidden away from the public domain. By repeating this panelling along the back all of dining area, the space achieved a sense of cohesion, adding warmth and seamless experience to the interior.

Timber flooring was used throughout the whole apartment to create a relax aesthetic. In contrast, the marble pattern tile slab on the island benchtop highlighted the kitchen area, and adding a sense of luxurious to neutral colour palate.

Come to the master bedroom, in contrast to the public area, French style lined door panels with storage behind were both practical and aesthetically sound. On one side of the bed a makeup table was built in to suit female owner’s daily skin care and makeup routine. In the master bathroom ensuite, a touch of brass accessories paired with marble patterned wall tiles to impart a feeling of elegance of tranquility.

Behind the hidden door, the guest bathroom boldly used the geometric patterned tiles with pastel colors to add a contrast, creating a stylish and colorful spatial experience.

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